Force Sensors

Force Sensing Probes

FT-S force sensing probes offer the highest level of precision and sensitivity in the micro- and nanodomains. These unique probes enable the recording of forces, both compression and tension, from milliNewtons down to several nanoNewtons. Contact us for more information.

microtesting-option force sensing probe

Force Sensing Probe

Lateral Force Sensing Probe 

The lateral microforce sensing probe is similar to the FT-S probes. However, it is unique because it makes measurements perpendicular to the sensor’s axis. This off-axis capability allows for vertical micromechanical testing while observing both the sensing probe tip and the sample under a top-view microscope. The lateral force sensing probe allows for in-plane testing of microscopic objects where there is limited space around the sample, such as the testing of MEMS structures in the wafer plane or tensile testing of biological fibers.

Lateral force sensing probe for micromechanical testing

Lateral Force Sensing Probe


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