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/files/3613/8869/8803/Best_Imaging_and_Analysis_Phenom_proX_desktop_SEM_-_Pittcon_2013.mp4/files/2813/8869/8782/Best_Imaging_and_Analysis_Phenom_proX_desktop_SEM_-_Pittcon_2013.webmPittcon AzoNano Phenom IntroductionEmile Asselbergs introduces the Phenom ProX with EDS
/files/4313/7669/2786/Movie_Phenom_proX.mp4/files/8813/7669/2906/Movie_Phenom_proX.webmThe Phenom ProX - SEM imaging and elemental analysis
/files/1213/7669/2456/Elemental_Mapping.mp4/files/9813/7669/2529/Elemental_Mapping.webmElemental Mapping with the Phenom ProXElemental Mapping with the Phenom ProX
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Phenom ProX

Phenom ProX desktop SEMThe Phenom ProX desktop scanning electron microscope is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system.  Sample structures can be physically examined and their elemental composition determined.  Viewing three-dimensional images of microscopic structures only solves half the problem when analyzing samples. It is often necessary to collect more than imaging data to be able to identify the different elements in a specimen. This is accomplished in the Phenom ProX with a fully integrated and specifically designed EDS detector.

EDS SpectrumEDS is a technique that analyzes X-rays generated by the bombardment of the sample by an electron beam. EDS elemental analysis is fully embedded into the Phenom ProX system. The X-ray detector and control software are combined in one package. This Elemental Identification (EID) software package allows the user to program multiple point analysis, and identify any hidden elements within the sample. Additionally, this software can be expanded with elemental mapping functionality. The step-by-step guided process within the EID software helps the user to collect all X-ray results in an organized and structured way.

Beyond Imaging:  A Complete Analysis Solution

The Phenom's expansion options turn the SEM into an application-specific analysis instrument.

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Phenom ProX

  • 2_Phenom_Pro_Features.jpg< 30 seconds from load to SEM image
  • 80 - 130,000x SEM magnification
  • Better than 14 nm SEM resolution
  • Color optical imaging and navigation systems
    • Motor driven focus
    • 6-lens system for distortion free optical images
    • Telecentric optics
    • Neverlost navigation uses optical image to navigate during SEM imaging
    • Camera and automated, x-y motorized stage integrate to allow easy sample positioning and location by simply clicking or touching the optical image of the sample
  • High performance, low maintenance electron source
    • 1,500+ hr life source (CeB6 - Cerium Hexaboride)
    • No cleanings required between source changes
    • High brightness – 10x brighter than tungsten
  • Integrated EDS analysis
    • Software and detector developed by Phenom World
    • Optional elemental mapping and linescan software
    • Elemental detection range: B - Am
  • 5 kV, 10 kV, and 15 kV accelerating voltages 
  • Electron beam current selection for tuning imaging settings or high throughput analysis
  • Rotary knob makes focus and zoom easy and intuitive

Phenom Pro Suite

Phenom Pro Suite is a software platform that enables multiple applications to interact with the Phenom ProX for specific needs. The Pro Suite option includes a computer and monitor. The Pro Suite application provides these capabilities:

Automated Image Mapping

The Automated Image Mapping application enables users to automatically collect multiple images in a regular grid. The Automated Image Mapping application enables user-defined collection of images with a large field of view on a high-resolution image map. After an area has been defined in the overview, Automated Image Mapping scans the area with the desired resolution and number of images. The images are tiled to one large overview which can be stored and navigated for detailed observation. All images can be stored separately, for image analysis or as a reference database.

Remote User Interface

Phenom Pro Suite’s Remote User Interface makes it possible to access the Phenom ProX from a different location. This application is ideal for customers needing support from Phenom-World Customer Support to optimize the performance of their Phenom ProX. Customer Support can log on to the Phenom ProX and help to adjust the necessary settings if access is granted from the customer’s location. The Phenom ProX can be controlled with all the common features from the Phenom User Interface. It is also a perfect application for interacting with colleagues based at a different location.

Additional software options available include:

Phenom ProX

Sample Holders

Standard Sample Holder

Charge Reduction Sample Holder
This holder is designed to reduce sample charging by eliminating extra sample preparation of non-conductive samples. Imaging samples like paper, polymers, organic materials, ceramics, glass and coatings becomes fast and trouble free.

Metallurgical Sample HolderMetallurgical sample holder
The base of this holder is equal to the Standard Sample Holder, except that this holder is designed to support resin mounted samples (schlieffen). For metallurgy and working with inserts, this holder is the preferred solution.

Metallurgical Charge Reduction Sample HolderMetallurgical Charge Reduction Sample Holder
This sample holder eliminates extra sample preparation of non-conductive, resin mounted samples so imaging samples becomes fast and trouble free.

Micro Tool Sample Holder

Micro Tool and Tilt-Rotation Sample Holder
Imaging long axial shaped samples without sample modification is now possible. Imaging objects such as drill bits, milling tools and injection needles is fast and easy using the Micro Tool and Tilt-Rotation Sample Holder. Imaging coatings and cutting angles is possible by rotating and tilting the region of interest without unloading the sample from the holder.

The inserts below are used in combination with the Metallurgical Sample Holder or Metallurgical Charge Reduction Sample Holder:

5.pngX-View Insert
Cross section imaging of coatings and multilayer samples becomes fast and easy with this metallurgical insert. Its smart split clamping mechanism eliminates the need for screws and tools to clamp the sample.

6.pngMicroelectronics Insert
The microelectronics insert is designed to image for semiconductor, microelectronics or solar cells. Its unique clamping mechanism enables loading without adhesives or surface contact.

Temperature Controlled Sample Holder


Temperature Controlled Sample Holder

The Temperature Controlled Sample Holder has been developed by Phenom-World and Deben in order to study vacuum-sensitive and vulnerable samples such as biological, food or organic coatings. The Temperature Controlled Sample Holder is able to control the temperature of the sample and therefore influence the humidity around the sample. This minimizes the effect of the electron beam and vacuum damage of the samples. This active sample holder is based on the Peltier principle and designed in a way that the temperature can be adjusted quickly and easily. The sample temperature is accurately monitored and controlled by a dedicated keypad controller. The temperature of the Temperature Controlled Sample Holder can be controlled from -25°C to +50°C, with an accuracy of ±1.5°C.

Key Specifications

  • Temperature range -25°C to +50°C
  • Temperature accuracy ±1.5°C
  • Temperature display resolution 0.1°C
  • Maximum cooling rate 20°C/min
  • Sample size up to 25 mm diameter and 5 mm height

Motorized Tilt Rotation Sample Holder


Motorized Tilt Rotation Sample HolderRevealing the hidden treasures of all features on your sample is now possible with the Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder. Samples can have lines and holes, or have multi-layer structures. The new Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder allows analysis of the sample from all visible sides and enables a unique 3D image of your sample. The Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample holder is a so-called smart sample holder that does not have any cables attached. The sample holder interface board automatically identifies the sample holder type and will directly transfer tasks to the holder.

Key Specifications

  • Tilt range -10° to +45°
  • Continuous 360° compucentric rotation
  • Controlled by dedicated Motion Control Pro Suite application
  • Tilt adapted focus
  • Align X and Y

Software Add-Ons

Additional software options available include:


EDS Add-Ons

Elemental Mapping & Line Scan

The mapping function is an option within the EID software package. Elemental mapping reveals the distribution of elements within the sample. Here the previously selected elements for the spot analysis can be mapped at a user-specified pixel resolution and acquisition time. The real-time mapping algorithm shows live build-up of the selected element maps while storing spectra of each pixel. This allows elements to be added or removed at any time during or after the mapping process. 

Mapping can be done on the image as a whole, but there is an additional benefit included to save time by adding the Selected Area option. Line Scan allows analysis over a selected line. The key lies in the possibility to select each of the following: number of points, dwell time per point and number of passes. On top of that, the results can be easily exported and reported via an automated template.

Phenom ProX

  • Magnification range 20 - 130,000x
  • Intuitive user interface, maximum employability
  • Images up to 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • Sample loading in less than 30 seconds
  • Very low energy consumption
Imaging Modes 
Light Optical  Magnification range: 20 - 135x 
Electron Optical  Magnification range: 80 - 130,000x 
Digital zoom: max. 12x  
Element detection range:  B – Am 
Light Optical  Selectable axial and off-axis LEDs
Electron Optical  Long-lifetime thermionic source 
Accelleration Voltage  5 - 15 kV 
Resolution  Better than 14 nm
Image Format  JPEG, TIFF, BMP
Image Resolution Options  456 x 456, 684 x 684, 1024 x 1024 and 2048 x 2048 pixels 
Pixel Resolution  7.8 nm 
Dimensions & Weight 
Imaging Module  286 (w) x 566 (d) x 495 (h) mm, 50 kg 
Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 145 (w) x 220 (d) x 213 (h) mm, 4.5 kg 
Power Supply  156 (w) x 300 (d) x 74 (h) mm, 3 kg 
Monitor  375 (w) x 203 (d) x 395 (h) mm, 7.9 kg 
Ambient Temperature  15°C ~ 30°C (59°F ~ 86°F) 
Humidity  < 80 % RH 
Power  Single-phase AC 110 - 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 300 W (max.) 
Recommended Table Size  120 x 75 cm, load rating of 100 kg