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Nanoscience Instruments TraxSTM

TraxSTM top view

The Nanoscience Instruments traxSTM is the ideal scanning tunneling microscope for an introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology. The traxSTM integrates the control electronics with the scanner, which reduces the footprint and overall size of the system. Our traxSTM is an all-in-one instrument that is easy to use anywhere.

The traxSTM fits into advanced labs for physics, chemistry, engineering and general nanotechnology introduction. High schools, community colleges, and universities all use the system for classroom instruction and teaching laboratories.

Nanoscience Instruments TraxSTM

  • Portable and compact: Transportable, easy to install with a small footprint
  • Quick atomic resolution on a table: No need for expensive vibration isolation
  • Easy to use: Ideal for nanotechnology education and outreach
  • Accessible sample stage and scanning tip: Quick exchange of tip and sample
  • Low operating voltage: Safe for all users
  • Atomic resolution in minutes
  • Extremely simple handling and reliable operation
  • Controller and scan head integrated in a single device
  • Low cost consumables – cut your own tips & get atomic resolution

traxSTM features

Nanoscience Instruments TraxSTM

Camera: Provides a camera view of the tip/sample gap


Advanced Modes Option
Spectroscopy: Current-voltage, stop by end value, forward and backward pause
Lithography: Draw and load CAD vector graphics, bitmap images

Isolation stage

SPIP post processing software

Nanoscience Instruments TraxSTM

Maximum XY-range   500 nm 
Maximum Z-range   200 nm 
Current amplifier  max 100 nA 
Imaging modes  Const. current (topography), Const. Height (Current) 
Spectroscopy modes  Current–Voltage, Current–Distance 
Lithography modes  Patterning, Modification 
Size (LWH)  204 x 204 x 104 mm 
Weight  3.45 kg 
Power 90–240 V AC (30 W)