3D Electron Diffraction: From inorganic nanoparticles to protein nanocrystals

June 30, 2020 | News Type:

3D electron diffraction is a novel and very powerful structure characterization method which allows a complete three dimensional reconstruction of the reciprocal space on crystals as small as few hundreds of nanometers. The particular geometry of this data collection reduces the dynamical scattering making the recorded intensities suitable for ab-initio structure solution.

The introduction of fast and very sensitive single electron detectors has opened the possibility of extending the application of this technique to samples that are extremely beam sensitive. By combining STEM imaging for the crystal search, with a fast data recording during the continuous rotation of the crystal and very low dose illumination conditions, also crystals that usually amorphize after few seconds can be studied in this way. As successful cases of very beam sensitive materials the structure solution of pharmaceutical and protein nanocrystals will be presented.

Live Webinar Date: June 30th, 2020 11:00 EDT

Mauro Gemmi, Ph.D.
Director of IIT Center of Nanotechnology Innovation@NEST

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Hans Radhoe, Sales Director
Yemliha Bilal Kalyoncu, PhD., Application Engineer
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