3D printing nanoparticles: Learn how to generate pure nanoparticles and directly print

June 30, 2020 | News Type: Technology:
Our Partners at VSPARTICLE introduced a fully automated way to generate nanoparticles and print them directly into a new product or integrate them into an existing product using a modified 3D printing approach. The VSP-P1 Nanostructured Material Printer enables you to print inorganic nanostructured materials with novel properties. Most Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques are performed using bulk materials, however, the VSP-P1 prints nanoparticles from an aerosol gas stream. The combination of the nanoparticle generation and direct printing in one machine makes for a unique cutting-edge technology. Please join this on-demand hybrid style presentation that incorporates a traditional seminar and virtual demo to find out more.

Webinar Title: “Introducing the VSP-P1 Nanostructured Material Printer – the ultimate tool for material development”