Nanoscience Classroom Product Overview

Teach Science and Technology for the 21st Century

Nanoscience Instruments provides a scalable multi-instrument package that provides students with immense power to explore the world beyond what their eyes can see. The assortment of instruments bridges the gap from the visible world to the atomic world of quantum mechanics and everything in between.

3D High Resolution Optical Microscope

The 3D optical microscope gives accurate 3D data to determine structural dimensions from millimeters to nanometers. Very precise measurements of machined devices and surface finishes are needed for many industries. Optical measurements in three dimensions are used in high-tech manufacturing, quality control and failure analysis.

Using 3D optical microscope in STEM classroom

Using 3D optical microscope in STEM classroom

The Zeta-20 3D microscope is typically used to quantify surface roughness, determine scratch dimensions and depths, and image microstructures and very small machined parts (e.g. MEMS devices).

Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) provides much greater resolution than an optical microscope and takes your students from the visual world of light to the submicron world of electrons.  The SEM also provides an option to “see” different elements using EDS (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy). This brings a completely new dimension to imaging. 

The Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope for STEM education

The Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope for STEM education

The Phenom desktop SEM is a very fast, intuitive instrument that requires no user maintenance.  It is the most user-friendly SEM available while providing remarkable images with little effort. Students can typically perform the whole spectrum of imaging and analysis after a 10 minute introduction to the instrument.

Atomic Force Microscope

The atomic force microscope (AFM) takes us to even smaller dimensions. No longer constrained by the wavelength of electrons, we can explore using the forces between atoms, literally feeling the surface with an extremely sharp probe. We can resolve features in the single nanometer range and measure atomic steps as well. The traxAFM is also a true 3D microscope, so very small bumps, holes, and scratches can be easily viewed in 3D. Small samples such as nanoparticles, nanotubes, proteins and viruses can be displayed and measured.

traxAFM for education

Portable, all-in-one traxAFM is ideal for science education

Chemical modifications to surfaces, thin films, and etched patterns are just the beginning of what an AFM can visualize. Precision optics like mirrors and lenses, semiconductor wafers, and thin film coatings all require AFM for inspection of their very smooth surfaces.

Scanning Tunneling Microscope

The STM uses the quantum mechanical effect of electron tunneling to image conductive surfaces at very high (atomic) resolution. STM provides an engaging way to teach physics and surface chemistry. The most exciting part of our STM offering is that it is very easy for almost any student to image atoms in a single, short lab session.

traxSTM for physics and chemistry labs

traxSTM for physics and chemistry labs

The traxSTM is a compact, atomic resolution STM. This low cost system is perfect for introducing students to the world of atoms.


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