Scanning Electron Microscopes

The Electron Microscope Reimagined

The most powerful desktop SEM - the Phenom Desktop SEMs provides superior workflow, designed with the user in mind.

World Leader in Scanning Electron Microscopy

With more installations and more new customers each year than any other scanning electron microscope, the Phenom Desktop SEM has earned the trust of over 2,000 labs worldwide. With a rapidly growing network of users in many fields, more researchers choose the Phenom for their SEM needs than any other brand.


  • Excellent Imaging: High brightness, long-life electron source, superior to tungsten SEMs
  • Highest Resolution Desktop SEM: Up to 150,000x with 10 nm resolution
  • Fastest SEM imaging: Fast sample loading, fast image capture, fast frame refresh rates
  • No User Maintenance Required: High uptime, no maintenance for years, lowest cost of ownership
  • User-friendly: Correlated optical and electron image, integrated motorized stage, intuitive software
  • Budget Friendly: Several models to fit your budget and application needs

Elemental Analysis

The Phenom Desktop SEMs can be upgraded with EDS (EDAX or EDX) for elemental analysis. All Phenoms include a backscatter electron detector (BSD) and can image non-conductive samples without coating.  A secondary electron detector (SED) is available on select models.

Better Performance by Design

Better resolution, higher stability, and more advanced electron source means better images and data. The Phenom’s performance is unrivaled in the compact SEM segment giving the user optimized SEM images and EDS data with minimal effort.

Focus on Answers, not Maintenance

The Phenom Desktop SEM is designed to run for years without needing any service. Users don’t have to worry about replacing components or realigning their instrument after a source change. Unlike other SEMs, the Phenom Desktop SEM gets the best images day after day without the risk of source failure or degradation of performance due to failing internal components. The Phenom Desktop SEM has a very low cost of ownership, in both time and money.

Maximized Uptime and Optimized Workflow

The Phenom Desktop SEM is designed with the user in mind

  • Sample loading in seconds, not minutes
  • Integrated charge reduction mode for minimal sample prep time without reducing source life
  • Fully motorized stage with optical map that enables users to confidently drive to points of interest with a single click
  • Ability to load large samples (100mm x 100mm)
  • User-proof sample loading mechanism to prevent SEM damage
  • Dedicated applications for EDS, fiber measurements, tensile testing, particle identification, 21CFR11 compliance, and more

Resin mounts for Phenom SEM

View P-Series Accessories View XL Accessories

Support When you Need It

Nanoscience Instruments has a dedicated team of applications specialists, to help you get the answers you need quickly. Whether it’s advice on sample prep, getting the best EDS results, or training new users in your lab, our scientists are eager to help you. We also provide customers with training webinars and courtesy visits. Support is just a phone call, email, or car ride away when you need it. 

Seeing is Believing

The performance of the Phenom Desktop SEM has to be seen to be truly appreciated. Contact us today for an onsite demonstration or web demo. Learn more about how the Phenom Desktop SEM will aid in your research.

Phenom SEM
Phenom SEM

Phenomenal SEM for most applications

Phenom XL SEM
Phenom XL SEM

Benchtop SEM for large or multiple samples

Phenom GSR SEM
Phenom GSR SEM

Benchtop SEM for Gunshot Residue (GSR) analysis

Compare SEM Models
Compare SEM Models

Compare the Phenom SEM models

SEM Gallery
SEM Gallery

Phenom desktop SEM image gallery

Customer Insights
Customer Insights

Videos and interviews explaining how customers use the Phenom SEM


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