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Nanoscience Instruments has worked with teachers, instructors, and professors for over a decade to help teach nanotechnology in the classroom. Whether in high school, community college or university, hands-on experiences in the lab engage students so they are more likely to retain interest in science and enginnering. 

We share resources here that can be applied in your classroom lab. We can connect you to others who are working to inspire their students too. If you don't see what you need or want more information, please call us at 480.758.5400.


Videos, simulations and recorded webinars for nanoscience and STEM education

Nanotechnology Teaching Materials
Nanotechnology Teaching Materials

Lab modules available for SEM, AFM and STM


Links to External Resources

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Science Curriculum

Classroom Resources from the National Science Foundation for all levels of education:

MRSEC Education Group home page at the University of WI-Madison:

Education resources on NNI website:

Education resources on NACK website:

Curriculum, Teacher Workshops and Teaching Materials at Center for Nanoscale Chemical-Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Systems:

UVA lesson plans adapted for K-8:

NISE (Nanoscale Informal Science Education) Network:

Video or Simulations

Exploring the Nanoworld, a video lab manual at the University of WI-Madison:

Online simulation for nanotechnology:

UVA Nanoscience Classroom home page:


Journal of Nano Education:

National Organizations for Nanotechnology

National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI):

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure (NNIN) Network:

Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers: