Atomic Force Microscope

traxAFM for educationtraxAFM for education

The following lab modules are available for the AFM:

  • Introduction to SPM: Students learn the basics of contact mode imaging with the AFM. PDF-icon_16p.png
  • Protein Adsorption Kinetics: Students learn to characterize protein-material interactions using dynamic/non-contact mode AFM imaging in both air and liquid environments. PDF-icon_16p.png
  • Electrostatic Force Microscopy: This lab unit introduces Electrostatic Force Microscopy to characterize the electrical properties of a blended conjugated polymer film by studying the changes in tip oscillation due to electrostatic force gradients between the tip and the sample. PDF-icon_16p.png
  • Force Spectroscopy Analysis: This lab unit introduces a scanning force microscopy-based force displacement technique to study local adhesion, elastic properties, and force interactions between materials. PDF-icon_16p.png
  • Intrinsic Friction Analysis: This lab unit introduces lateral force microscopy (LFM) and a specific application of LFM, intrinsic friction analysis, which can be used to determine energies associated with molecular motion or interaction. PDF-icon_16p.png

 AFM image of PMMA/SBR blend, scan size 20 microns

AFM image of PMMA/SBR blend, scan size 20 microns

Note: Our AFMs have many different configurations and models. If you are concerned that a particular module may not apply to your system, please email us and and we will work with you on how to modify it for your system.