Scanning Electron Microscope

Phenom Pure desktop SEM

Phenom Pure desktop SEM for STEM education

The curriculum for the Phenom SEM was a result of a 4 year DOE grant which involved Chemeketa Community College, University of Arkansas and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Dr. Dorothy K. Moore, who specializes in educating teachers at Chemeketa, was chosen to be the official coordinator of the three-institute project. Her goal was to develop “reusable, cost-effective, educational modules with the table top SEM.” The following modules are available:

  • Hair, Fiber, and the Fabulous Phenom: Combines concepts of chemistry, biology, textile engineering and bioengineering into a 130-page “crime scene-based” forensics lab. PDF-icon_16p.png
  • Shades of Glory: Addresses concepts of art and photography with the Phenom SEM. The invaluable lesson students learn is creating publication-worthy images. PDF-icon_16p.png
  • The Significance of Salt: Explains close packing of solids while studying the crystal structure of salts under the Phenom SEM. This module is essential to chemistry, material sciences and solid state physics labs. PDF-icon_16p.png
  • The Magnificent Seed: Provides background biology content for the teacher who wishes to develop her/his own lesson activities. PDF-icon_16p.png
  • Simplified Manuals: Dr. Moore simplified the Phenom SEM manual, making it extremely student-friendly, and put together an easy-to-follow sample preparation guide. In addition, OMSI created instructional videos to familiarize students with the Phenom SEM’s operational features. PDF-icon_16p.png

Other modules are available from various sources as well:

  • Photosynthesis
  • How to Identify Allergens (theory and lab)
  • Crystal Growth
  • Identifying Minerals from their Structural and Chemical Compositions

Please email us to request the pdfs of any of the labs you are interested in.