Using the Phenom SEM for Biological Research and Teaching

 Interview with Dr. Gary Martin at Occidental College

Phenom SEM at G Martin's lab

Phenom SEM for biology lab at Occidental College

Dr. Gary Martin, Professor of Biology at Occidental College incorporates the Phenom into his undergraduate courses as well as research projects. The department had enough potential users to request an SEM almost two years ago. The Phenom proved to be the perfect choice because of its quick learning curve, superior image quality and hassle-free operability.

“We love the Phenom” states Dr. Martin enthusiastically. He has used the SEM in demonstrations for undergraduate classes. The response was so overwhelmingly positive he incorporated it into his upper division courses in Invertebrate Biology and Histology. The students prepare their own samples of flagellates, diatoms, cells and tissues.

“The Phenom was the most fun instrument the students have used” he said. “They were both excited and fascinated to see features they had never seen before with an optical microscope.”

Dr. Martin’s research projects with the Phenom involve studying the functional morphology of marine crustaceans and mollusks. Below is an SEM image of a shrimp gill. Contact Dr. Martin at with questions.

Dr. Goffredi, a colleague at Occidental College, has studied the structural properties of bacteria found on the appendages of the Yeti crab with the Phenom SEM. Her research was included in a peer-reviewed publication.

SEM image of shrimp gill, courtesy of Dr. Gary Martin

SEM image of shrimp gill, courtesy of Dr. Gary Martin