Automated Fiber Analysis


Direct observation and measurements of fibers is fast, efficient and easy with the FiberMetric fiber analysis application for the Phenom SEM

Key Specifications

  • Save time by automated measurements
  • Fast and automated collection of all statistical data
  • Export all collected data, either statistically or as a raw data file
  • View and measure micro and nano fibers with unmatched accuracy
  • Real-time Phenom Pro & ProX operation

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In combination with the Phenom desktop SEM, the FiberMetric application allows you to produce accurate size information from micro and nanofiber samples. Recent developments have enabled us to extend the range of measurements of the FiberMetric application to provide even more in-depth information. It is possible to measure and analyze complicated fiber structures, ranging from spunbond and electrospun fibers to melt blown fiber types.

FiberMetric example

Automated fiber analysis using FiberMetric for Phenom SEM

The automated image characterization generates hundreds of measurements in seconds. In addition to more accurate data acquisition, the automated measurements of the FiberMetric application guarantee a fast return on investment:

  • Time savings compared to manual measurements
  • Operator independent
  • Statistically significant data

Automated feature and fiber size detection has made FiberMetric even more user friendly and further improved the time to result. With FiberMetric fiber analysis, it is possible to measure and analyze samples with large fiber diameter differences.

FiberMetric spun bond and melt blown fiber

Automated fiber analysis for diameters with large variation