Phenom GSR SEM

Phenom GSR SEM for automated gun shot residue analysisPhenom GSR SEM for automated gunshot residue analysis

Gunshot residue (GSR) analysis is a standard technique to determine if a firearm has been used. The Phenom GSR scanning electron microscope (SEM) is available with automated GSR particle analysis that is ASTM E1588 10e1 compliant.

The Phenom GSR system is based on a Phenom XL SEM, integrated EDS detector for elemental analysis, and automated GSR software. The software is user-friendly with a 4-step wizard to fast, accurate and reproducible results. SEM images and EDS data are stored for revisiting and validation.

Phenom GSR stage setup

GSR stage setup with Phenom XL SEM

Particle sizes from GSR typically range from 0.5 to 10 microns. Primer particles containing lead (Pb), barium (Ba) and antimony (Sb) can detected and analyzed using elemental analysis with the Phenom SEM. To be statistically valid, multiple samples need to be imaged and analyzed. The large sample chamber in the Phenom GSR SEM accommodates up to 36 pin stubs at once.

The Phenom GSR SEM does not require special facilities or infrastructure. With a small footprint, the Phenom can be placed in almost any laboratory for easy accessibility. It can also be used for other forensics applications like paint analysis, trace evidence or ballistics.

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