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Microfluidic Device Analysis with the Zeta Optical Profiler

Microfluidic devices, often referred to as a Lab-on-a-Chip, include channels, wells, and control structures in intricate arrays. The Zeta optical profiler gives a complete understanding of the 3D structure of a microfluidic channel with a single 30-second acquisition.

Devices made from a variety of materials, including PDMS, can be imaged and evaluated. Area roughness and volume measurements are easily quantified. The Zeta 3D optical profiler for microfluidics can quickly measure and analyze channel widths, depths and degree of bowing. Three-dimensional measurements are possible even for high-aspect-ratio features and closed systems.

Optical profiler image of a microfluidic structure
Zeta 3D Optical Profiler Image of a Microfluidic Channel

Channel Dimensions Measurements

With one 30-second acquisition, a device can be characterized using a Zeta 3D optical profiler for microfluidics. Channel width and depth are easily measured. The profile of a channel can also be determined to evaluate the degree of bowing along the channel length.

For example, the X and Y dimensions of an open well structure can quickly and accurately be determined. The width, depth and amount of bow determine the flow rate through a microfluidic device. Area roughness and volume measurements can also be quantified. These analyses are quickly calculated with 3D images from the Zeta optical profiler. In addition, it is obvious if a sealed device is leaking as the change in refractive index is apparent due to the surface focusing technology of the Zeta profiler.

Image Transparent Layers

Unique to the Zeta optical profiler is the ability to image through multiple transparent layers. This provides imaging of open and closed cells to determine the final volume of a microfluidic device. Channel dimensions, volume measurements, and interfacial roughness can all be evaluated.

Closed microfluidic channel analysis with the Zeta 3D optical profiler
Closed microfluidic channel analysis with the Zeta 3D optical profiler.

It is possible to image and analyze channels through a transparent cover plate, as shown here with measurements for cover plate thickness and channel depth.