Advantages of a Zeta Profiler for Microfluidics

Microfluidics technology enables the control of very small quantities of liquids. Microfluidic devices, often referred to as a Lab-on-a-Chip, include channels, wells, and control structures in intricate arrays. Imaging and analysis with the Zeta 3D optical profiler can be used to measure dimensions in open and closed microfluidic channels because glass or transparent polymers are often used for fabrication.

Microfluidics PDMS Vchannel measured with a Zeta optical profiler

Microfluidics PDMS V-channel measured with a Zeta 3D optical profiler

By applying a superior use of optics, the Zeta 3D system outperforms other profilers. Using the same optical path for focusing and imaging, the Zeta optical profiler has the high light throughput and optical efficiency that are essential for surfaces with low reflectivity or high aspect ratio features, such as vias or deep trenches.

Only the Zeta 3D optical profiler can image buried layers with transparent and low contrast surfaces. Volumes of closed systems can also be quantified. The Zeta 3D Feature Detection software and focusing technology provide advantages over interferometers and confocal profilers for analyzing microfluidic channels. 

Watch the video to see how the Zeta 3D optical profiler focusing technology is used to measure microfluidic channels!

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