Image Transparent Layers

Unique to the Zeta optical profiler is the ability to image through multiple transparent layers. This provides imaging of open and closed cells to determine the final volume of a microfluidic device. Channel dimensions, volume measurements and interfacial roughness can all be evaluated.

Closed microfluidic channel dataset

Closed microfluidic channel analysis with the Zeta 3D optical profiler

It is possible to image and analyze channels through a transparent cover plate, as shown here with measurements for cover plate thickness and channel depth.

Using ZDot focusing technology, the multi-surface software feature for the Zeta 3D optical profiler for microfluidics can characterize up to 2 optically transparent layers on a substrate. Interfacial roughness measurements are quickly obtained using known refractive indices of materials.

Watch the video to see how the Zeta 3D optical profiler focusing technology is used to measure microfluidic channels!

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