Accelerate Thin Film Development

Thin films of silicon carbide (SiC) on graphite are used in the semiconductor and LED industries. These films are made by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Structure and stoichiometry are evaluated using SEM imaging with EDS for elemental analysis. 

The Phenom SEM is used to measure film thicknesses and surface morphology as a function of processing parameters. The Phenom data immediately provides critical feedback of SiC diffusion into the graphite and the crystal structure of the surfaces. Heavier elements are brighter in the BSD SEM image, providing visual evidence of the SiC in the graphitic substrate.

GMSI measurements of SiC diffusion into basal planes of graphite using Phenom SEM

Phenom SEM measurements of SiC diffusion into basal planes of graphite, courtesy GMSI

The elemental analysis from EDS shows the elemental composition of the films, allowing GMSI to set the deposition parameters to achieve the optimum stoichiometry.

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