Optical Profilometer

3D optical profilometry images and measures thin films and coatings for a variety of applications. The Zeta 3D optical profiler can also evaluate laser-ablated surfaces of thin films, with accurate edge detection, trench dimensions, surface roughness and volume measurements. With patented focusing technology, imaging contrast is independent of the sample to provide high resolution height measurements. 

Images are acquired in about 30 seconds, displaying thin films from top or side view depending upon sample position. For optically transparent layers, interfacial roughness and film thicknesses can be determined.

Thin Film Reflectometry

The Zeta 3D optical profiler also offers thin film reflectometry for fast and accurate thin film measurements. Spectroscopic reflectometry measures film thickness for optically transparent films on a substrate. The Zeta 3D optical profiler utilizes a superior light source compared to conventional reflectometers, allowing characterization of materials with low reflectivity.

Silicon nitride on oxide and silicon waferSi

Thin film reflectometry results for silicon nitride and SiO2 on silicon wafer

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