Scanning Electron Microscope

The Phenom scanning electron microscope (SEM) is designed for a streamlined workflow to yield exceptional results with high productivity. Employing a high brightness, long life electron source, images of thin films and coatings are superior to those derived from filament SEMs. The Phenom SEMs have a charge reduction mode to minimize charging, often eliminating the need to coat samples. This low vacuum mode does not impact the source lifetime. Sample holders designed for imaging cross-sections are also available. 

Elemental analysis with EDS is available to identify components in thin films and coatings. This option is seamlessly integrated into the Phenom desktop SEM systems. EDS data can be used to adjust stoichiometry, monitor processes, or detect contaminants in thin films and coatings. 

For detailed surface structure of the top layers, an optional integrated secondary electron detector is available for some systems. 

Compare SEM models to determine which is best for your thin film application.

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