Cathodoluminescence Review published

November 16, 2017 | News Type: Technology:

A new review on cathodoluminescence (CL) has been published in Applied Physics Reviews last month. The review starts with an introduction to the history of CL and continues with summarizing the fundamentals. After that, the authors briefly touch upon state-of-the-art CL imaging and spectroscopy and then move on to recent novel experimental approaches such as Angle- and polarization resolved CL, time-resolved CL, 3D CL and STEM CL.

In addition to these techniques, the authors also review far-field and near-field transport imaging and the use of statistical analyses for the study of grain boundaries. The review was written by Dr. Nancy Haegel and Dr. Toon Coenen, who happens to be the application specialist on cathodoluminescence at DELMIC.
If you are new to cathodoluminescence microscopy and want to learn more about its origins and the fundamentals we highly recommend reading this review.

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