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We've MOVED!

Expanding to a larger facility!

New building for Nanoscience Instruments
Effective September 9, 2016, Nanoscience Instruments will reside at 10008 S. 51st St., Suite 110 in Phoenix, AZ!

Nanoscience Instruments is pleased to announce that we are moving to a larger facility. The new building offers greater capabilities for on-site workshops, training & user meetings, as well as a future contract lab.  The increased space will also provide room for additional staff.

"Being able to host workshops and user meetings on-site has multiple benefits for us and our customers," explains Mark Flowers, co-owner and co-founder of Nanoscience Instruments. "Expanding our services to include contract work and a wider variety of application development allows us to serve a broader scope of science, engineering and educational applications."

In addition to moving, the company launched a new mobile-friendly website this year. The website highlights new instruments that were added to the Nanoscience Instruments product portfolio. These include correlative microscopy, cathodoluminescence, nanoindenters for microhardness testing and Phenom GSR SEM for gunshot residue analysis.

"We are excited about moving to a new building," explains Dr. Sebastian Kossek, co-owner and co-founder of Nanoscience Instruments. "The new facility will allow us to continue to expand our products and service offerings plus provide an even larger suite of instruments. We are looking forward to equipping complete laboratories with our best-in-class and cost-effective instrumentation."

The new move is in succession to recent changes at the company. In 2013, Nanoscience Instruments purchased the Service and Support division from Phenom World North America to service SEM customers directly.  Nanoscience Instruments expanded its Phoenix, AZ headquarters to accommodate this growth, adding a new service manager and service engineer to the team.  

In 2014, Nanoscience Instruments opened an office on the east coast. Located in the Washington DC metro area, the new east coast office provides easy access to major R&D centers, universities and national labs across the eastern USA and Canada.  Then in 2015, new employees joined the team to provide additional support at the laboratories in Arizona and Virginia. This expansion also established a new presence in southern California and New England.

A new facility with room to grow for Nanoscience InstrumentsA new facility with room to grow for Nanoscience Instruments

“Our recent move defines a new chapter for Nanoscience Instruments, now entering our 15th year.  The newly customized and remodeled building provides abundant lab space for our applications and service teams to grow,” says Mark Flowers. “Not only are we planning for future growth but we can now better support our current customer base.”