M&M: Microscopy & Microanalysis Conference 2022 (Portland, OR)

The Microanalysis Society and Microscopy Society of America present: M&M 2022!

The biggest microscopy event of the year comes to Portland, Oregon for an amazing summertime conference of education, networking, and scientific exploration. Visitors can expect to see a variety of impressive displays highlighting many types of equipment used in microscopy — alongside all the beneficial services that accompany them. Events and exhibits will take place in the Oregon Convention Center starting on August 1st and continuing until August 4th.

Nanoscience Instruments is excited to be setting up this year at M&M 2022 in booth 1034, complete with a team of highly trained and knowledgeable scientists from around the world, a diverse collection of advanced electron microscopy equipment, and a strong preparedness to connect people to the right solutions for their research problems. Our suite of instruments addresses everything from desktop scanning electron microscopy to efficient preparation of cryogenically frozen-hydrated samples, and beyond. For a complete list of our microscopy tools, check out the gallery and links below.

Stop by our booth, meet our team, and talk to our experts! We look forward to another exciting M&M this year. Additionally, we would also like to announce our two-day symposium event! More to come soon.

Nanoscience Instruments M&M Symposium:

Our Tools for Electron Microscopy:

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