Nanospinning: Learn why professional systems are superior

February 13, 2020 in Online | News Type: Technology:

Develop Perfect Nanofibers & Particles Every Time

If you have experienced inconsistent results with your electrospun fibers and/or electrosprayed particles, join our webinar to learn how professional systems address the common problems experienced with nanospinning. Application scientist and resident nanospinning expert Dr. Francisco J. Chaparro presents on the Fluidnatek, and how the thoughtful design of this professional system controls temperature and relative humidity for consistent product with batch-to-batch reproducible results.

The Fluidnatek with Precision Environmental Conditioning to Develop Perfect Nanofibers and Nanoparticles Every Time

The professional grade Fluidnatek equipment utilizes the electrohydrodynamic process in a benchtop to pilot plant level production. Featuring over 21 upgradable accessories, implementable at any time. Selected capabilities include:

  • Precision temperature and relative humidity control for reproducibility
  • Real time sample thickness measurement
  • Advance recipe option for specialized applications
  • Inert environment (oxygen free) processing and vacuum capable
  • Roll-to-roll capacity for semi-continuous sample production
  • Sterile production for personalized medicine

Customizable to meet your application needs. The Fluidnatek has been implemented into the first and only good manufacturing process (GMP) certified production plant in the world. This equipment is capable in producing scaffolding material that is currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under ISO-13485 for medical devices and ISO-5 conditions.

A highly qualified research team to assist you in your application and production needs.

Nanospinning: Learn why professional systems are superior
Date: February 13th, 2020
Time: 12:00 – 12:40 PM (Eastern)
Presenter: Francisco J Chaparro, PhD
Application Scientist
Francisco J. Chaparro