Press Release: Nanoscience Instruments introduces the Axia™ ChemiSEM™, a cost effective, floor-model Scanning Electron Microscope designed for instant elemental mapping

August 30, 2021 | News Type: Technology:

Expand your possibilities with Thermo ScientificTM ColorSEMTM Technology, a wide range of detector options, and the largest weight capacity of any SEM.

Nanoscience Instruments is proud to announce the launch of the Axia ChemiSEM, a low-cost floor model SEM from Thermo Scientific. The Axia uses ChemiSEM technology to accelerate imaging workflow and provide real-time elemental analysis and compositional imaging. The Axia features easy, automatic alignment and is always ready to image, making data acquisition more efficient than ever before.

The Axia ChemiSEM has a unique SEM-EDS integration: both backscattered electron (BSE) and X-ray (EDS) detectors are controlled by the same hardware, so EDS data is overlaid on the BSE image in real time. This means that the live SEM display is colorized according to elemental composition, allowing users to find features of interest with incredible ease. Sebastian Kossek, PhD, co-CEO of Nanoscience Instruments, explains the value of the Axia’s simple workflow, stating “The Axia makes imaging easy for all users with its high level of automation. The system automatically maintains alignment for crisp images, and the Axia’s User Interface offers user guides to help optimize imaging parameters for specific sample types. Even beginner SEM users can obtain meaningful elemental data with ease.”

The Axia is compatible with the Thermo Scientific Maps software, which allows users to maximize productivity and throughput by supporting automatic SEM-EDS imaging. With the Maps software, you can insert a sample in the chamber and set imaging parameters, EDS data acquisition settings, and large area mosaic stitching for overnight or weekend data acquisition. The Maps Software can also increase the Axia’s capabilities by integrating up to four different detectors simultaneously, including: cathodoluminescence (CL), backscattered electron (BSE), secondary electron (SE), low vacuum SE, EDS, and optical nav cam.

The Axia’s sample chamber is designed for flexibility as well. With the Axia’s large chamber size and weight capacity, you can increase throughput and eliminate the need to cut up samples. The modular stage can hold samples up to 280mm in diameter, and 10kg in weight, and the large chamber door allows easy access to the entire chamber. Once a sample is inserted and the chamber is closed, the beam can be turned on in less than two minutes, getting you to your data with unparalleled speed.

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