AFM Tips

AFM tip SEM photo

AFM tip schematic representing approximate values for pyramidal-shaped AFM tips available from Nanoscience Instruments.

Our AFM tips are micromachined, monolithic silicon, exhibiting excellent uniformity and a sharp tip radius.

Our AppNano and Vistaprobes AFM tips have a pyramidal geometry, as shown in the photo and schematic to the right. Our Aspire probes and specialty probes by Team Nanotec typically have a conical shape.

AFM tip schematic

Our standard, uncoated tips have a consistent radius of less than 10 nm. The AppNano brand has the added benefit of a high aspect ratio (typically 3:1) at the last 200 nm of the tip. And the Super Sharp models feature even smaller tip radii of 2 nm and higher aspect ratios (better than 3.5:1).

If you wish to obtain detailed information about your tip's shape and morphology, we recommend the tip characterization devices by Aurora Nanodevices and the SPIP software Tip Characterization module.


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