SPIP Features

SPIP 3D visualization

SPIP Version 6 Highlights

    • All New Ribbon-based Interface
      Spend less time clicking through dialogs and more time analyzing data. All commonly-needed commands are now readily available in task-orientated Ribbons.
    • Enhanced Windows 7 Compatibility
      Run SPIP™ as a regular user without administrator rights on Windows 7/Vista/XP.
    • Quick Launch of Built-in Settings
      Increase your productivity by using the new built-in batch scripts, roughness and noise reduction filters, plane correction settings, and color scales, which are all available as Quick Launch menus in the Ribbon.
    • Quick Launch of Customized Settings
      Customize SPIP™ by adding your own batch script, filters, and settings to the Quick Launch menus.
    • New Profile Windows
      Save screen real estate with the new profile window, which you can toggle between Single Profile Analysis View and Multi Profile Comparison view. You can even compare profiles from different data sources with the new Global Profile Comparison Window.
    • New In-window Zoom and Navigation
      “Get closer” with new interactive in-window zoom with navigation overlay, which also helps you save screen real estate as you no longer need a separate zoom window.
    • Floating Toolbars
      Grab your tools right where you need them. Just right-click to access the new floating tool bars without “leaving” your data windows.
    • New and Improved Measurement and Selection Tools
      Use more tools simultaneously. All measurement tools can now co-exist. The tools for angle measurement, Fourier peak selection, unit cell selection, and marking Areas of Interest (AOI) have all been improved.
    • New File Open Options
      Gain full control over how new windows are opened in SPIP™ and which operations are applied automatically.

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