TraxSTM Specifications

traxSTM Options and Accessories

Camera for traxSTM

Camera option for traxSTM

Camera for view tip-sample distance

Advanced Modes Option

  • Spectroscopy: Current-voltage, stop by end value, forward and backward pause
  • Lithography: Draw and load CAD vector graphics, bitmap images

Isolation stage

SPIP post processing software


traxSTM Specifications

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Maximum XY-range   500 nm 
Maximum Z-range   200 nm 
Current amplifier  max 100 nA 
Imaging modes  Constant Current (topography), Constant Height (current) 
Spectroscopy modes  Current–Voltage, Current–Distance 
Lithography modes  Patterning, Modification 
Size (LWH)  204 x 204 x 104 mm 


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