SPARC for Integrated CL

The SPARC is a high-performance cathodoluminescence detection system. The system is ideal for the optimal collection and detection of cathodoluminescence emission, enabling fast and sensitive material characterization at the nanoscale. With a modular platform design and open source software, the Delmic SPARC is an upgradable cathodoluminescense detection system well suited for nanophotonics and geology research.

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Key Features of the SPARC Cathodoluminescence System:

  • Seamless integration and compatibility with any full size SEM
  • Multiple modes for expanded capability including: Hyperspectral, Angular, and Polarization
  • High collection efficiency and photon yield: Able to study low light emitting samples, including metals, semiconductors, and nanophotonics
  • Fully retractable automated mirror stage: Minimum interference with other SEM detectors
  • Removable: Mirror stage easily removed from and returned to SEM chamber

Delmic SPARC for CL with collection and detection

Delmic SPARC for Cathodoluminenscence detection. Collection (left) and detection (right) of emitted cathode radiation


Fully Retractable Mirror Stage

The high precision mirror staging is designed for ease of use with minimal interference. The stage has micropositioning capability, providing:

  • Automated alignment using accurate and reproducible micropositioning
  • Minimum interference with other SEM techniques 
  • High collection efficiency due to enhanced reflectivity with unprecedented sensitivity for faster measurements with reduced artifacts
  • Ease of use as mirror is removable and may easily be cleaned

The automated mirror stage allows for highly efficient hyperspectral imaging in addition to other advanced imaging modes.