SPARC for Integrated CL

Delmic SPARC for CL with collection and detection

Delmic SPARC for CL with collection (left) and detection (right) of emitted cathode radiation

The SPARC is a high performance cathodoluminescence (CL) detection system. The system is ideal for the optimal collection and detection of cathodoluminescence emission, enabling fast and sensitive material characterization at the nanoscale. With a modular platform design and open source software, the Delmic SPARC is an upgradable CL system well suited for nanophotonics and geology research.

The SPARC offers:

  • Seamless integration with your SEM: Compatible with all major brands
  • Multiple modes for expanded capability including: Hyperspectral, Angular, and Polarization
  • High collection efficiency and photon yield: Able to study low light emitting samples, including metals, semiconductors, and nanophotonics
  • Fully retractable automated mirror stage: Minimum interference with other SEM detectors
  • Removable: Mirror stage easily removed from and returned to SEM chamber

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