Compare CLEM Systems

Integrated CLEM or All-in-One CLEM. Which is right for you?

Correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) is a method of combining the best qualities of both light and electron microscopy into a single overlaid dataset. The CLEM systems include:

  • Better than 50 nm correlation accuracy
  • Four or more fluorescence channels
  • Seamless integration between LM and EM
  • LM resolution of 290 nm


An Integrated CLEM System

Delmic SECOM integrated CLEM system

SECOM integrated CLEM system

Seamlessly integrating with your high resolution SEM, the SECOM correlates data between electron and light microscopes in seconds. The SECOM system includes:

  • Better than 50 nm correlation accuracy
  • Four fluorescence channels with additional channels optional
  • Super-resolution microscopy (STORM) option
  • Compatible with all major EM manufacturers


An All-in-One CLEM System

Delphi all-in-one CLEM system for correlative microscopy

Delphi all-in-one CLEM system

The Delphi is the world’s first automated and integrated CLEM in a single instrument. With a fully automated alignment procedure for accurate overlays, the Delphi includes:

  • Better than 200 nm correlation accuracy
  • Four fluorescence channels
  • SEM resolution <17 nm
  • Sample loading time to SEM/LM image in <60 s


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