Hybrid Pixel Technology

The detector of choice for low dose applications and for beam sensitive materials


Cheetah 1800 MPX3RX

The Cheetah 1800 MPX3RX is powered by the latest Medipix3 technology. Featuring dead-time free operation and single electron sensitivity, researchers can be sure that every electron is counted with noise free data acquisition. The Medipix3 was designed for continuous read/write mode read out speed of 1,800 frames per second with 12 bits counter depth on a 512X512 pixel frame.

The Cheetah 1800 MPX3RX the ideal detector for applications which require high spectral capabilities and high frame rates.

Cheetah 1800 Installation

Benefits of the Cheetah 1800 MPX3RX

  • Noise free data acquisition
  • High-signal to noise ratio
  • Zero-deadtime, no loss counting
  • 2000 frames per second with 12 bits counter depth
  • Mounting options: side (retractable) and bottom (fixed)