Hybrid Pixel Technology

The detector of choice for low dose applications and for beam sensitive materials


Cheetah Event TPX3

The Cheetah Event TPX3 features the unique TIMEPIX3 ASIC on a new silicon pixel sensor based on the Medipix3 Collaboration from CERN. Combining the Timepix3 ASIC with the data driven readout, it is suitable for a wide range of applications which require time-resolved imaging of electrons, ions or single photons.

When detecting particle are important, the Cheetah Event TPX3 can detect events with a time resolution of 1.5 nanoseconds, with the data-driven readout scheme the data transfer and processing requirements are significantly reduced. Time-correlated measurements with other units are made possible with 260 picosecond TDC channels. Time of Arrival and Time over threshold data can be used to reach super-resolution better than the 55micron actual pixel size.

Cheetah Direct Electron Detector for Electron Microscopy

Benefits of Cheetah Event TPX3

  • Per pixel simultaneous detection of time (ToA) and intensity (ToT)
  • Time resolution 1.5 ns, effective frame rate > 500 MHz
  • Lossless, data driven readout at 120 Mhits/second
  • Mounting options: side (retractable) and bottom (fixed)