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Direct Electron Detectors

Direct Electron Detectors

CheeTah Detectors

CheeTah hybrid pixel detectors by ASI deliver a powerful combination of features useful for beam sensitive studies, electron diffraction, 4D-STEM, and ultrafast-EELS applications. Based on Medipix and Timepix technology, the detectors allow unprecedented high-speed, dynamic range, and noiseless data acquisition. Flexible housing options for static mount and retractable attachment allow easy integration into almost any TEM. Multiple chip configurations are available to optimize data collection and spectral capabilities. 

Single Electron Sensitivity

DQE(0) > 0.9 for 200 kV with 300 µm silicon sensor

Nanosecond Time Resolution

 Event-driven detection at a time resolution of 1.56 ns


No need beam stopper needed


Achieve up to 640,000,000 frames per second

See available configurations

Direct Electron Detector Product Options

CheeTah hybrid pixel direct electron detectors boost the amount of information you can get from advanced techniques including precession electron diffraction, 4D-STEM, cryoEM, 3D tomography, microED, ptychography, and ultrafast-EELS.

CheeTah T3

The only event-driven electron detector, providing unprecedented speed and sensitivity for low-dose 4D-STEM and ultrafast-EELS applications.

  • Event-based readout with time resolution of 1.56 ns
  • Up to 640,000,000 fps for nanosecond dwell times
  • Timestamping of electrons
  • Configuration options for optimizing STEM and EELS data collection
  • Based on the Timepix3 sensor ASIC developed at CERN

CheeTah M3

Hybrid pixel electron detector delivering single electron sensitivity, speed, and noiseless data acquisition. Perfect for both materials science and life science applications. 

  • Frame-based readout
  • Max frame rate of 2,000 Hz (12-bit) with continuous readout
  • 55 μm pixel size; 512×512 pixel array
  • Noiseless detection and energy thresholding
  • Based on the Medipix3 sensor ASIC developed at CERN

CheeTah M3 Megapixel

Large-area hybrid pixel detector detector ideal for diffraction imaging of larger crystal unit volumes such as proteins.

  • 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • 3000 fps
  • Zero-readout time
  • Noiseless detection and energy discrimination
  • Static mount

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Videos & Demos

Cheetah Videos & Demos

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Direct Electron Detectors

CheeTah Model Comparison

CheeTah T3 CheeTah M3
The ASICs Timepix3 Medipix3
Pixel size 55 µm
Number of pixels single: 256x256
quad: 512x512
EELS: 1024x256
ULTRA-EELS: 1024x512
Sensor area 28 x 28 mm2 (51x512)
Min. detectable energy 4.5 keV
Read-out & max speed Data-driven
>500 MHz
Sequential - 24 bits - 700 Hz
Continuous - 12 bits - 2000 Hz
Operation mode ToT & ToA
Time resolution: 1.56 ns
Counter depth: 24/12/6/1 bits
# of thresholds 1 2 (sequential) & 1 (continuous)
Max count rate 1 Mhits per pixel and 120 Mhits for quad chip
Sensor material** Si 300-500 µm / GaAs 500 µm / CdTe 1000 µm

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