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  Fluidnatek LE-10 Fluidnatek LE-50 Fluidnatek LE-100 Fluidnatek LE-500
Features Comparison LE-10 LE-50 LE-100 LE-500
Maximum output (mL/h)* 20 20 80 400
Maximum Width of Samples (mm) 200 200 300 500
Maximum number of syringe pumps 2 2 3 3
Continuous Liquid feeding No No No Optional
Maximum Voltage Drop (kV) 40  40 60 60
Dual Polarity Optional - 10kV Optional - 10kV Optional - 30kV Standard
Automatable axes 1 (Y) 1 (Y) (dual optional) 2 (X-Y) 2 (Y-Z) (dual optional)
Gas assisted eStretching™ No Optional Optional Optional
Taylor cone visualization camera system Optional Optional Optional Optional
Ultraclean Cabinet (HEPA/ULPA Exhaust Filtration) No No Optional Optional
UVC lamps No No  Optional Optional 
Remote Ethernet Access Optional Yes Yes Yes
Dynamically controlled exhaust No Optional Optional Yes
 *throughput for a 12% w/w PCL in Chloroform
Standard Features on all Models Options available on all models
  • Adjustable target distance
  • Hardwired Interlocks
  • Active Exhaust
  • Dynamically controlled exhaust
  • Touch Control
  • Data logging & Export
  • Multi-Phase Nozzle (coaxial)
  • Liquid Heating (syringes)
  • Rotating Collectors
    • Plates
    • Discs
    • Mandrel
    • Drums

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Why Fluidnatek®?
Why Fluidnatek®?

Features and benefits of the FLUIDNATEK® product line

Fluidnatek® LE-10
Fluidnatek® LE-10

Bench-top Laboratory Machine

Fluidnatek® LE-50
Fluidnatek® LE-50

Bench-top Mid-Scale Laboratory Machine

Fluidnatek® LE-100
Fluidnatek® LE-100

Advanced Laboratory Machine

Fluidnatek® LE-500
Fluidnatek® LE-500

Pilot Plant Electrospinning machine

Compare Fluidnatek® Products
Compare Fluidnatek® Products

Comparison of the FLUIDNATEK® product line


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