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Impulse Software

In Situ TEM Solutions

Impulse Software


Impulse software gives researchers complete control over stimuli applied within DENSsolutions in situ TEM systems. With Impulse, you can easily design your in situ experiment from your desk and store experiments so you can reliably reproduce results. While on the microscope, Impulse will automatically control the sample environment while you focus on the sample. 

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Impulse Software

key features

Smart automation

Easily design your experiment with a drag-and-drop profile builder. During the experiment, you can focus on other things while smart automation keeps track of the measurements and ensures the programmed conditions are met. Easily reproduce your stimuli and test multiple iterations, accelerating your ability to discover which parameters are critical to your functional material.

Flexible dashboard

Customize and arrange your dashboard so that you never miss a thing. There is no limit to the amount of data you can display on the dashboard, allowing you to see correlations and make real-time decisions during in situ experiments.

Data integration

Synchronize your stimuli data with other data from your experiment and generate annotated images and graphical data in seconds. Currently compatible with TVIPS and Gatan software.

Experimental freedom

Conduct unique experiments by leveraging your own Python scripts. Use custom scripting to communicate with different equipment such as the microscope, cameras, detectors, and the DENSsolutions in situ system. Select from premade scrips or generate your own to unleash your full creativity.

Videos & Demos

Impulse Software Videos & demos

Impulse Software

System Details

Liquid Bias Temperature Gas
System Wildfire
Control types Pressure flow control
inlet/outlet pressure control
Voltage, Current, E-field Temperature Pressure flow control, inlet/outlet Pressure Control
Control parameters

Pressure flow control: Nano-Cell flow, outlet pressure

Inlet/outlet pressure control: inlet pressure, outlet pressure

Source (voltage, current, E-field) and compliance limit Celsius

Pressure flow control: Reactor pressure, reactor flow, gas 1 concentration, gas 2 concentration

Inlet/outlet pressure control: Inlet pressure, outlet pressure, Gas1 flow, Gas2 flow, Gas3 flow

Control modes Step Step, sweep cycle Step, ramp Step, Ramp
Automation No Yes Yes Yes
Automation control parameters N/A Voltage, current, or E-field Degree Pressure flow control parameters
Plottable parameters
  • Nano-cell flow measured/setpoint
  • Nano-Cell pressure measured/setpoint
  • Inlet pressure measured/setpoint
  • Outlet pressure measured/setpoint

Liquid biasing:

  • Potential measured
  • Current measured
  • Voltage measured/setpoint
  • Current measured/setpoint
  • E-field measured/setpoint
  • Resistance measured
  • R-T curve
  • I-V curve
  • Temperature measured/setpoint
  • Heater power
  • Relative heater power
  • Gas1/2/3 concentration measured/setpoint
  • Gas1/2/3 flow measured/setpoint
  • Inlet pressure measured/setpoint
  • Outlet pressure measured/setpoint
  • Reactor flow measured/setpoint
  • Reactor pressure measured/setpoint
  • Turbo speed
  • Vacuum pressure

Gas Analyzer:

  • Channel 1-10

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