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Stream In Situ TEM Liquid + Heating or Biasing

Stream Knowledge base

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In Situ TEM Solutions

Stream | Liquid + biasing or heating

In Situ TEM Liquid, Liquid Biasing and Liquid Heating

Stream is the number one solution for in situ liquid phase electron microscopy (LPEM). The plug-and-play system provides researchers with the capability to conduct high resolution TEM imaging and spectroscopy of nanomaterials, soft materials, or biological samples in dynamic liquid environments. With the possibility to apply heating or biasing stimuli within the liquid environment, and even wider range of exciting phenomena can be investigated.

High Experimental Success Rate

Microfluidic channel ensures sample-liquid interaction, flushes away bubbles, and maintains fresh liquid supply

Reduced Setup

Liquid Supply System enables rapid liquid transport to the viewing area on the order of tens of seconds

Clean and Repeatable Experiments

Modular design featuring removable tip makes cleaning easy, avoids cross-contamination, and clogging

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Denssolution Stream


Stream’s patented Nano-Cell innovates over the previous generation of in situ liquid holders that rely on diffusion-controlled “bathtub” designs. A combination of a dual-chip MEMS assembly with a spacer creates a microfluidic channel with an electron-transparent window encapsulating the viewing area. This is the only system giving the microscopist full control over the liquid-sample interaction.

Mass transport control
Precisely determine when liquid will be introduced and removed with varying inlet and outlet pressures.
Liquid Purging & Thickness Control

Perform high resolution imaging, meaningful elemental analysis, and electron diffraction by minimizing the liquid thickness or by purging.

Dissolve Unwanted Bubbles

Bubbles can be flushed away from the imaging area or dissolved, enabling greater control over experimental conditions.

Videos & Demos

Denssolutions Stream Videos & demos

Denssolution Stream

Additional Modular Details

Liquid Supply System (LSS)

The LSS contains everything needed to control in situ experiments with unmatched flexibility. Designed for ease-of-use, repeatability, and maximum versatility, the LSS greatly simplifies complex in situ TEM experiments to maximize valuable time at the microscope.

  • Ease of use
    A flexible arm and mobile base can situate comfortably within TEM workstations.
  • Inert gas purging
    Remove excess liquid allowing high-resolution images, diffraction patterns, and meaningful EELS/EDS spectra to be acquired.
  • Reliable and reproducible results
    Actively measure liquid flow, enabling results to be compared across experiments.

Modular Sample Holder

The sample holder is the platform that connects the Liquid Supply System to the Nano-Cell. Machined with the highest precision fabrication techniques, the sample holder fits perfectly into the TEM’s goniometer and maintains mechanical stability and ultra-vacuum performance during use.

Alpha tilt range depends on system.  Up to ± 21° (depending on polepiece) with JEOL and up to ± 35° (depending on polepiece) with Thermo Fisher Scientific.

  • Modular design
    A removable and modular tip makes for easy assembly, cleaning, and replacement of components. 
  • Replaceable tubing material
    Replace tubing within minutes – ensuring a clean experiment every time.
  • Upgradable
    Bottom chips to enable Liquid + Biasing or Liquid + Heating functionality.

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Denssolution Stream

Nano-Cell Specifications

Liquid Heating Liquid Biasing
Resolution ≤ 3 Å
Liquid thickness control Yes, via inlet and outlet liquid pressure control
Liquid modes Static or Flow (infusion, withdrawal)
Liquid flow measurement Yes, via inlet flow meter
Liquid pressure safety limit Yes
Temperature range RT to ≤ 100°C NA
Electrodes 4-point probe based microheater 3
Voltage range NA -10 V to +10V
Current range NA From pA to mA
AC impedance frequency range NA 10 uHz to 1 MHz

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