Create and define thin films

KSV NIMA Langmuir Blodgett instrumentation enables cutting edge innovation in thin film fabrication and characterization.


KSV NIMA Roll-to-Roll LB

KSV NIMA Roll-to-Roll Langmuir Blodgett Trough

KSVNIMA Langmuir Blodgett Roll-to-Roll Trough

Quickly and precisely coat large areas of flexible substrates with the KSV NIMA Roll-to-Roll LB trough system, designed for high throughput.

In the Roll-to-Roll LB process, a flexible substrate is fed continuously fed into the trough where it passes through the monolayer of nanoparticles or other material. Roll-to-Roll LB is a novel process that broadly widens the possibilities of the LB technology.

  • One-sided or double-sided coating
  • Precise control of molecular packing density
  • Continuous deposition over large areas
  • System can also be used for regular LB/LS/isotherm experiments

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Technical Details:
  • Guiding roll can be in subphase or at the interface
  • Start roll has an adjustable brake
  • Single barrier compression in a general experiment
  • Movable second barrier to end the measurement area
  • MicroBAM or syringe pump can be used
  • Temperature channels present – stirrer highly recommended
  • Guiding roll has an offset adjustment to guide the film straight
  • Smaller trough tops can be used with an additional support bar (included)