Nanomechanical Characterization

Multi-directional mechanical testers for the nano to milli-Newton force range


Characterization of mechanical properties is essential to materials research, product development, and quality control. Understanding why and how products have long-lasting performance or fail during use is often related to properties like modulus, yield stress or adhesion. Optimizing mechanical properties for a selected application is critical for processing, manufacturing and product performance.

FemtoTools are multi-directional systems that perform nanoindentation ex-situ and inside a SEM, micro tensile & microstructure testing as well as electromechanical measurements. They are uniquely suited for geometry-dependent samples like MEMS or 3D microfabricated structures for multi-directional experiments.

Product Image of the Femto Tools FT-NMT03


Nanomechanical Testing Station for direct and accurate, in-situ SEM/FIB measurements.

Femto Tools FT-MTA03 Product Image


Versatile Micromechanical Testing and Assembly Station for nanoindentation and microstructure characterization.

Product Image of the Femto Tools FT-MPS02


Wafer-level MEMS Probestation.


In contrast to traditional mechanical and indentation tests, FemtoTools systems can measure mechanical properties from any angle over a force range from a few nanoNewtons through milliNewtons. User-friendly configured testing modes include compression, tensile, fatigue, sheer, adhesion, and bending. All FemtoTools systems include these features:

  • High precision nanoindentation with 0.5 nN load resolution.
  • Double tip indenter for virtually zero thermal drift and infinite frame stiffness.
  • Nano tensile testing chip for tensile, compression and shear testing.
  • Multi-directional measurements, including lateral and in-plane.
  • Piezoelectric actuation for accurate positioning.
  • Low-drift force measurement from 5 nN to 200 mN.