MEMS Probestation


The FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation is a wafer-level MEMS testing instrument that allows for the fast, user-friendly and simultaneous testing of mechanical, electrical and geometrical properties on MEMS chips.

The FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation combines a micromechanical testing module with a manual probestation, a motorized dual measurement microscope, programmable voltage/current sources and a multimeter. Besides the capabilities of each of the four individual modules, the FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation also features a wide range of additional capabilities that result from the combination and synchronization of the modules in one measurement system, such as the combined electro-mechanical testing.

The FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation greatly improves the efficiency of MEMS development. It allows for the quantitative characterization of the micromanufacturing process steps and provides feedback to improve the mathematical models used to design MEMS. Furthermore, it enables the mechanical testing of MEMS prototypes directly on the wafer without the need of wafer dicing and wire-bonding.

Mechanical Testing Module

The mechanical measurement module is a force-probe based testing system for vertical (out-of-plane) and horizontal (in the wafer plane) micromechanical measurements. The module includes a three-axis piezoelectric nanopositioning platform. Optical position encoders enable the closed-loop, high precision force application using a FT-S Microforce Sensing Probe or a FT-S-LAT Lateral Force Sensing Probe. 


Dual Digital Microscope

The FT-MPS02 features two integrated digital microscopes. One is a topview motorized zoom microscope with coaxial, through-the-lens illumination and one is a sideview microscope (Scheimpflug configuration) with backlight illumination. This enables a precise sensor-to-sample alignment.


Probe Station with Electrical Sources and Meters

The base of the MPS-02 is a manual probe station for wafers up to 200mm (8"). There are two vertically adjustable tables for the mounting of electrical probes. For low-frequency electrical measurements, the FT-MPS02 features a variety of programmable power sources and meters. This enables for the combined electro-mechanical testing of unpackaged MEMS chips and wafers.

FT-MPS02 Accessories
FT-MPS02 Accessories

Accessories for the FT-MPS02 MEMS Probestation


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