Nanomechanical Characterization

Multi-directional mechanical testers for the nano to milli-Newton force range


FT-MTA03 Micromechanical Testing

Product Image of the Femto Tools FT-MTA03

The FT-MTA03 Micromechanical Testing and Assembly System is a highly versatile testing instrument for the accurate quantification of mechanical properties and dimensions/geometry in the micro- and nanoscale. The FT-MTA03 combines the capabilities of a nanoindenter, a micro-tensile tester, a stylus profilometer and a versatile microstructure analyzer. It enables force measurements within +/-200 mN with a resolution of 0.5 nN and displacements from 0.1 nm to 29 mm along three axes.

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The FT-MTA03 can be adapted for horizontal testing, vertical testing or testing from different angles. By equipping the FT-MTA03 with different types of the FemtoTools FT-S Microforce Sensing Probes, the instruments can be used for measurements in the nanonewton to the millinewton range. Besides mechanical testing and profiling, the FT-MTA03 can also be equipped with the FT-G Microgrippers series for micro assembly tasks or sample preparation.

Micromechanical Testing Module

The micromechanical testing module includes a 2-axis sample positioning stage, a 3-axis piezoscanner, an FT-S Microforce Sensing Probe and a 3-axis nanopositioning platform (stick-slip actuation). All these positioners are motorized and can be controlled with the FemtoTools software suite. The combination of actuators and sensors enables the user-friendly micromechanical and topographical metrology and the precise tip-to-sample alignment.

For large range measurements, the piezoelectric stick-slip actuator can perform mechanical tests along three axes over a range of up to 29 mm with a position resolution of 1 nm. For short range measurements, the 3-axis piezoscanner is used to measure over a range of up to 50 μm with a position resolution of 0.1 nm along three axes. Furthermore, the piezoscanner is especially well suited for fast, continuous measurements.

FT-MTA03 Horizontal Microtensile testing

Microscope Module

The high performance FT-MTA03 digital microscope module has an extremely large working distance of 95 mm. The microscope can be tilted over a range of 180° around the sample. This enables the visualization of the sample at different angles while avoiding that the sensor or microgripper obstructs the view of the sample. The microscope also features a 7:1 motorized optical zoom and motorized focus, to observe samples within a field of view ranging from 9.5 mm x 7.1 mm down to 1.4 mm x 1.0 mm. Three different adjustable LED illumination principles can be selected: Coaxial through-the-lens illumination, ringlight, and diffuse backlight.

Accessories for FT-MTA03

Image of the FT-S Microforce Sensing Probe Accessory for Femto Tools FT-MTA03

FT-S Microforce Sensing Probe

The newest generation of FemtoTools FT-S Microforce Sensing Probes is microforce sensors capable of measuring forces from 200 millinewtons (0.2 N) down to sub-nanonewtons (10-9 N) along the sensor’s probe axis. Both compression and tension forces can be measured. The outstanding long-term stability and low signal drift guarantee significantly higher measurement accuracy than any other force sensing system in this force range. The accuracy of the FemtoTools SI-traceable calibration process is ensured by comparative measurements with the Swiss National Institute of Metrology (METAS).

Sensor Tip Options

  • Flat silicon tip with a tip size of 50 µm by 50 µm
  • Pointy tungsten probe tip with a tip radius smaller than 5µm, 2µm or 0.1µm
  • Spherical glass tip with a point radius of 25 µm
  • Spherical ruby tip with a point radius of 125 µm
  • Diamond nanoindenter tips (e.g. Berkovich, Conical, customized geometry)





Force Range ±200µN ±2’000µN ±20’000µN ±200’000µN
Resolution @10Hz 0.0005 µN 0.005 µN 0.05 µN 0.5 µN
Min. Order Quantity 5 5 5 5
Image of the FT-G Force Sensing Microgripper Accessory for Femto Tools FT-NMT03

FT-G Force Sensing Microgripper

The FT-G Microgripper series is designed to handle objects ranging from 0.001 mm to 0.1 mm. The initial openings of the gripper arms are 30 μm and 100 μm. Typical applications include sample preparation and micro assembly tasks (pick-and-place).

The gripper opening can be controlled with nanometer precision, such that the gripper arms are fully closed upon applying the maximum actuation signal. Due to the electrostatic actuation principle, the gripper arms do not heat up.

The FT-G103 and the FT-G33 feature an integrated force sensor for closed-loop control of the gripping force (unique on the market). This enables the handling of fragile samples, the detection of (un)successful gripping, the detection of objects size and the measurement of the mechanical properties of the sample to be picked-up.




Opening 0-100µm 0-30µm
Force Sensor Yes Yes
Min. Order Quantity 5 5
FT-S-LAT Lateral Microforce Sensing Probe Accessory for FT-MTA03

FT-S-LAT Lateral Microforce Sensing Probe

The FemtoTools FT-S2000-LAT Lateral Microforce Sensing Probe is a microforce sensor capable of measuring forces from one millinewton (10-3 N) down to several nanonewtons (10-9 N) perpendicular to the sensor’s axis. This off-axis measuring capability allows for the vertical micromechanical testing while observing both the sensing-probe tip and the sample under a top-view microscope. The individual calibration in combination with an outstanding long-term stability of the FT-S-LAT Lateral Microforce Sensing Probes guarantees significantly higher measurement accuracy than any other force sensing system in this force range.

Sensor Tip Options

  • Pointy tungsten probe tip with a tip radius smaller than 5µm or 2µm
  • Spherical glass tip with a point radius of 25 µm (learn more)
  • Spherical ruby tip with a point radius of 125 µm (learn more)


Force Range ±2’000µN
Resolution @10Hz 0.02 µN
Min. Order Quantity 5