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VSP Nanoparticle Accessories


VSParticle Nanoparticle Generator Accessories

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VSP accessories provide research scientists with flexibility and speed in sample preparation. Simply attach the desired deposition accessory onto the outlet of the VSP-G1 to collect nanoparticles in one of three methods: diffusion, filtration, or impaction. Alternatively, connecting the Size Selector to the outlet refines the aerosol stream to a monodispersion, ideal for model catalyst studies. Typical sample preparation times range from a few minutes up to an hour.

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VSP-A1 Diffusion Accessory

  • Dispersed, unagglomerated particles
  • Sample ready in 1-10 minutes
  • Types of substrates: TEM grids, MEMS chips, (doped) Si chips, electrodes
  • Production rate: 1-10 mg/hour

Applications: sample preparation for (in situ) S/TEM, decoration of catalyst supports, plasmonics

VSP-A2 Filtration Accessory

  • Mix and match oxides and metallic nanoparticles
  • Collect particles with in-line filter
  • Type of substrates: porous membranes, electrospun wires, carbon cloth, filter paper
  • Substrate diameter = 47 mm

Applications: catalyst support decoration, filtration testing, battery anode/cathode fabrication

VSP-A3 Impaction Accessory

  • Grow nanoporous oxide layers
  • Useful as catalyst support/sensitive material
  • Types of substrates: glass, Si, TEM grids, MEMS chips
  • Max deposited area: ø3 mm

Applications: battery or fuel cell anode/cathode fabrication, layered structures

VSP-S1 Size Selector

Tabletop and user-friendly size-selector that can be easily connected to the VSP-G1. Together, they enable automated production of monodisperse nanoparticles.

  • Size selection range: 1-10 nm
  • Size selection resolution: ± 0.1 nm
  • Typical sample preparation time ~30-60 minutes

Applications: model catalyst preparation, plasmonics, particle-size dependent screening

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Size Selector

Size-dependent catalytic activity screening made simple with VSP-S1

Produce catalytically active nanoparticles in the range of 1-10 nm to study particle size effects and develop clear structure-activity relations. Particles are selected in-line and deposited onto substrates (e.g. MEMS chips for in situ TEM). The automatic preparation of catalytic samples with 0.1 nm size selection resolution enables sequenced sample production in less than a day.