Nanoparticle Generation

Nanoparticle synthesis at the push of a button.


VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator

Nanoparticle Generator

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The VSP-G1 is a table-top, user-friendly nanoparticle generator which creates stable and clean flowing well-defined pure metallic nanoparticle aerosols. The VSP-G1 provides the ideal basis for aerosol nanoparticle research, producing the desired particles at the touch of a button.

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Nanoparticle generation at the touch of a button

The VSP-G1 is based on spark ablation technology, a physics based process, generating pure particles in a precise and controlled setting, without the use of chemicals. The spark ablation process used inside the VSP-G1 is a purely physical process that only requires electricity, a carrier gas and electrode material to produce clean nanoparticles. No additional chemicals are required for the production or to stabilize the particles in the aerosol. The produced nanoparticles can be directly incorporated into the next process step or applied in a product. Particles are collected by either impaction, electrostatic precipitation or filtering. These collection methods ensure that the unique physical properties of the nanoparticles are unadulterated by surfactants or other carriers. The carrier gas can simply be recirculated, minimizing the environmental impact of the process.

The VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator Key Benefits

  • Very small particles sub 20nm
  • Pure particles, no surfactants
  • Material versatility: all conductive & semi-conductive materials, metal oxides, carbon
  • Mix & Match: combine pure source materials, alloys and mixes
  • High stability, 98% in long term experiments
  • High concentration. Output up to 20mg/hour
  • Ease of use, tune output with just a few settings
  • Reproducible output by using the same settings
  • Mimics real world
  • Atmospheric pressure and room temperature
  • Single particles, high surface area
  • Air as carrier gas possible
  • Physiological realistic testing
  • Compatible with air liquid interfaces like Vitrocell

Producing nanoparticles with spark ablation