Zeta-300 Floor Model Profiler

Zeta-300 product details

Zeta-300 3D optical profiler with vibration isolation

The Zeta-300 includes the Why Zeta core technology, featuring

  • Vibration isolation for precise surface metrology
  • Rapid, reliable data acquisition
  • Dependable results without constant recalibration
  • Automated data capture and analysis
  • Operator-friendly, easy to learn GUI

The Zeta-300 3D optical profiler provides integral acoustic isolation to reduce the effects of sound and air currents on sample measurements.  When gathering data on structures that are less than 1 µm high, even small vibrations caused by sound and air disturbances can affect your results.  Designed as a standing floor model, the Zeta-300 delivers accuracy and repeatability unmatched by other optical profilers. 

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