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Zeta Comparison for 3D Optical Profilers

Zeta 3D Optical Profilers: the Zeta-20 and Zeta-300

The Zeta-20 and Zeta-300 3D optical profilers include the Why Zeta core technology. The Zeta systems are easy to use, have true color imaging, and fast data collection. All Zeta 3D optical profilers have greater light throughput than confocal microscopes, white light interferometers or other optical profilers.


The Zeta-20 optical profiler has a small footprint to fit on your benchtop. Ease of use and low cost of the Zeta-20 also provides unique capabilities for many industrial and academic settings. 


The Zeta-300 optical profiler includes integrated vibration isolation to reduce building noise, sound and air currents while imaging. Designed as a standing floor model, the Zeta-300 delivers accuracy and repeatability unmatched by other optical profilers.


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