Vertical Scanning Interferometry

ZX5 and ZX100 Modes for Vertical Scanning Interferometry

Logo for ZX5 and ZX100 modes

These modes provide exceptional Z resolution over wide field of view while acquiring data quickly. The field of view ranges from 4.5 mm to 90 microns for typical optical conditions. The Z sensitivity is less than 1 nm.

The piezoelectric Z axis, an accessory for the optical profiler tools, is recommended for the Vertical Scanning Interferometry modes.

ZX5 Option

 ZX5 option with a Michelson interferometer for Zeta 3D optical profilers

The ZX5 mode uses a 5x magnification lens with a Michelson interferometer.

The ZX100 mode uses a 100x magnification lens with a Mirau interferometer.