Single Channel Potentiostats

Innovative solutions for electrochemical research


  • Available with Optional Bipotentiostat
  • Low-cost & versatile solution
  • Compliance: ±350mA/±13V
  • FRA/EIS: 10µHz to 1MHz as standard
  • Bipotentiostat (±35mA/±10V)
  • Perfect partner for use with Ivium RRDE
  • Optional True Linear Scan generator

Product Description

Low-cost solution

The Vertex.C with optional Bipotentiostat is an all-around potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA with FRA/EIS with bipotentiostat capability. Its low cost and wide specifications result in a versatile single-channel instrument, and multiple instruments are an attractive alternative to a multi-channel solution. The cell is connected with our standard shielded cell cable via the HD15 cell connector. The WE2 lead of this cable is used when the bipotentiostat is in use. The Vertex.C is capable of all standard electrochemical techniques (including bipotentiostat measurements) and a complete suite of IviumSoft control and data processing software (for Windows based PCs) is included as standard.

Wide application range

The robust design, the wide specification range, the floating operation, and the availability of a wide range of electrochemical techniques makes the Vertex.C ideal for many applications, including:

  • educational
  • basic electrochemistry
  • batteries
  • corrosion
  • sensors
  • RRDE


The Vertex.C is supplied with FRA/EIS capability and optional bipotentiostat capability. These are integrated into the instrument (not external modules). The Vertex.C can also be expanded to include True Linear Scan module


The Vertex.C is controlled via Ivium’s own IviumSoft. This versatile, yet intuitive software allows instrument control, data management and analysis, peripheral instrument control, etc. IviumSoft can also interface with and be controlled from LabVIEWTM, C++, Delphi, etc. A full suite of IviumSoft is included as standard with each instrument.

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