Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D)

QSense QCM-D technology and instrumentation enable analysis of molecular interactions and surface properties


QSense Teflon Flow Module, QTM 401

QSense System Modules

QSense Teflon Flow Module

QSense TeflonTM Flow module, QTM 401

The PTFE Flow Module is suitable for flow or stagnant measurements where the reagents or molecules are sensitive to interactions with titanium. The TeflonTM flow module is similar to the QSense Flow Module (QFM 401) but the titanium flow part is exchanged for Teflon™-like (PTFE).

QSense Flow Module (QFM 401) module is useful when using harsh chemicals that may etch the titanium in the QFM 401.

Cell-molecule interactions


Cleaning efficacy from detergents and surfactants