Accessories for Phenom SEM Systems

Sample Holder for Phenom Scanning Electron Microscopes

Pro/Pure Accessories

Standard and optional sample holders. Image non-conductive or uncoated samples and adjust sample tilt or temperature.

Sample Holder for Phenom XL Scanning Electron Microscope

Accessories for the Phenom XL

Phenom XL sample holders can accomodate up to 36 samples. Samples can be tilted and rotated with the Eucentric Sample Holder.

Tensile sample holder for Phenom XL

Tensile Stage for the Phenom XL

Phenom XL tensile sample holders for simple mechanical testing in the SEM.

Nebula for particle distribution.


The Nebula for Dry Powder Dispersion evenly distributes particles for SEM imaging and analysis.

Luxor Gold Sputter Coater Product Image 4

Luxor Sputter Coaters Sample Preparation

The LUXORTM sputter coater is a fully automated magnetron sputter coating device to coat SEM (scanning electron microscopy) samples with a conductive gold, gold/palladium, or platinum layer.