Phenom XL for Technical Cleanliness

Technical Cleanliness Application Features

Phenom ParticleX for industrial automotive

Industry requirements are becoming stricter as tolerances in automotive parts become smaller. The Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEM solution can be used to not only provide sizing information, with a higher resolution than a light microscope, but also provides elemental composition. The Phenom ParticleX reporting software allows users to customize reports that adhere to automotive standards such as VDA 19 and/or ISO 16232.

Customized recipes and reports can be used to provide particle size distribution information, average chemistry, or to look for unwanted particles such as contamination or abrasive materials. Combining the quick ParticleX software with the easy to use Phenom XL Desktop SEM, improving the cleanliness of your parts has never been easier.

Technical Cleanliness Custom Reporting