3D Reconstruction

3D roughness reconstruction of nylon strands using the Phenom SEM

SEM 3D Reconstruction

With the 3D Roughness Reconstruction application, the Phenom SEM systems are able to generate three-dimensional images and submicrometer roughness measurements. This fully automated application for the Phenom SEM helps to communicate imaging results. The 3D roughness reconstruction will extract and visualize data that may be hidden within a sample.

Key Specifications

  • Intuitive and fully automated user interface
  • Based on ”shape from shading” technology
  • No stage tilt required
  • Fast reconstruction

3D imaging helps to interpret sample characteristics and makes images easier to understand. It is often difficult, for example, to identify dents, scratches and burrs from flat 2D images. Measuring the average roughness (Ra) and the roughness height (Rz) is critical for controlling and understanding production processes.

Using SEM imaging for data collection provides better resolution compared to indirect methods.